Just in time with our return from Punta Arenas, our ACP article on the hemispheric contrasts in ice formation in stratiform mixed-phase clouds finally got published. Apart from an updated description, the most important outcomes in terms of ice formation in stratiform clouds are:

  On Tuesday we had a small official decommissioning ceremony with the campaign PIs and officials from UMAG. At first Dr. Patric Seifert and Dr. Boris Barja González provided an overview on the achievements of DACAPO-PESO so far.

As previously mentioned (here and here), the LACROS instruments also observe profiles of the (quite variable and particularly strong) horizontal wind over Punta Arenas. Within the atmospheric boundary layer - the lowermost part of the Troposphere - the HALO Photonics Streamline Doppler lidar [manufacturer website] is well suited to observe winds. Our system is nicknamed 'Shaun' and it is shown below.

Similarly to the ICCP, the Workshop Lidar Measurements in Latin America had to be postponed by one year due to Covid19, but in the end only could be held virtually. Organized by Boris Barja at UMAG, this would have been the perfect opportunity for a reunion at Punta Areans.

While the measurements were still ongoing at Punta Arenas, we had a small 2-afternoon hybrid workshop for discussing current results and future collaborations. Meanwhile quite a few people are looking at the data for various projects.

In case you plan to attend the International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation 2021, a few talks also deal with DACAPO-PESO data