Similarly to the ICCP, the Workshop Lidar Measurements in Latin America had to be postponed by one year due to Covid19, but in the end only could be held virtually. Organized by Boris Barja at UMAG, this would have been the perfect opportunity for a reunion at Punta Areans.

However, quite a few studies are related to DACAPO-PESO:

  • Radenz et al.: Aerosol optical properties during DACAPO-PESO and comparison to in-situ observations
  • Ohneiser et al.: Long-term lidar measurements of Australian wildfire smoke layer in the stratosphere over southern South America in 2020-2021: Potential influence on ozone reduction?
  • Seifert et al.: Theoretically derived thresholds for the detectability of ice crystals by polarization lidar
  • Jimenez et al.: Aerosol-cloud interactions assessed with a dual-field-of-view polarization lidar: contrast between pristine and polluted conditions
  • Barja et al.: Cloud and aerosols observation in Punta Arenas, Chile

The abstracts can be found in the conference booklet: pdf