Time to celebrate (a bit)! Today marks two years of LACROS observations at Punta Arenas in the framework of DACAPO-PESO. Back in 2017, when we started planning this campaign, nobody expected such a long dataset. But with the covid-19 travel restrictions there was no other option, than to continue measuring.

So far, data coverage out of 731 days is quite satisfying:

  • MIRA-35 cloud radar:      95.6%   (missing mostly Nov 2019)
  • PollyXT raman lidar:        93.2%   (mostly July 2020)
  • Shaun Doppler lidar:     >91.8%   (mostly Oct 2020)
  • + >10 Months LIMRAD observations

When combined, LACROS was fully operational >80% of the time. Due to (some) redundancy, the synergistic products are expected to cover more than ~90% of the time [final processing ongoing].

Quite some results will be presented during the AGU fall meeting. Stay tuned for further information.

Thanks to everybody, who is keeping the measurements running!