The DACAPO-PESO deployment of LACROS is about to become serious. A one-person advance party already arrived at Punta Arenas last weekend. During the week, some logistics had to be prepared and coordinated with our colleagues of UMAG and  some local companies.

On Friday, the 23 November, the two containers with the instruments finally arrived at UMAG, Punta Arenas. Two trucks, a crane and several slingers were at the site before 7 o’clock in the morning. Together with staff from TROPOS and UMAG, locating the containers on the prepared concrete bedplates went smoothly.

Following the first impression, the containers seemed to have survived the 2-month sea transport rather well. As a last task for this day, the electricity connection was installed and the air conditioning/heating was powered up.

The instruments will be set up and put to operation during next week, as soon as two more scientists from TROPOS arrive here. Let’s hope that nothing (too serious) broke during transport.


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[mr; image credit: Boris Barja, mr]