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About Me:
I started my PhD at the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (LIM) at the University of Leipzig in 2019. My PhD is part of the PICNICC (Polarimetry Influenced by CCN aNd INP in Cyprus and Chile) project, which focuses on the comparison of two cloud radar data sets: On the one hand, the data which will be recorded at the pristine south-hemispheric site in Punta Arenas, Chile, within the frame of DACAPO-PESO and on the other hand a data set from a site, which is more strongly influenced by high aerosol loads, in Limassol, Cyprus. I will try to find out whether the growth of ice crystals by riming or aggregation differs between the two sites due to different concentrations in ice nucleating particles. For that purpose, I will try to pinpoint microphysical growth processes in mixed-phase clouds based on dual-frequency radar observations (Ka- and W-band), as well as the vertical evolution of cloud radar Doppler spectra and polarimetric radar variables.