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About Me:
Since September 2018 I am a PhD Student at the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (LIM) of the University of Leipzig. The objective of my project is the identification of super-cooled liquid layers in the entire vertical column in mixed-phase clouds, which is still a challenge. The aim of my PhD project is to develop an artificial neural network (ANN) which uses collocated measurements with profiling cloud radar and polarization LIDAR in thin mixed-phase clouds or lower layers of thick mixed-phase clouds to provide information about the existence of liquid water in higher cloud layers. The work on this interdisciplinary topic will be supervised by Junior Prof. Heike Kalesse at LIM in cooperation with Dr. Patric Seifert of the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) and with Prof. Villmann of the Saxonian Institute of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (SICIM). In addition to the development of the ANN, I will contribute to the field measurement campaign DACAPO-PESO in Punta Arenas, Chile for a time period of two months.